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Our company renders following services:

Cleaning terminals and territories of international airport Sheremetyevo.

Surface service (cleaning and equipping) aircrafts of 42 aviacompanies, making flights to Sheremetyevo airport.
Rendering services of cleaning offices and territories.

Cleaning and equipping of aircrafts.


Organization of works of planting trees and gardens and looking after plantations (license MOL № 022656).

Movement solid living, inert, building, big-overall waste, waste of forest - perk growing to grounds areas and organizations, having licenses to carry out activity in waste district bution sphere (license MOL № 022657).

Cleaning and equipping saloons (passenger sections) of aircrafts, cleaning premises of terminals (license FAAD № 000075).

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103340, Moscow oblast, Khimki region, 
The Sheremetyevo-2 airport,"Builder's town",
Ph:(495) 578 9137, 737 6640, Fax: 578 9137,